What are the benefits of using Bolder Panels vs. full slab stone?
Lower weight, higher strength, faster erection, better control, impact resistance, uniform and controlled properties.

What kind of stone options do I have for Bolder Panels?
Please see our selection of Bolder Panels, including our translucent Onyx series, on our product page. For commercial projects, special order panels in your desired panel are available. Please request a quote if you are interested in a different panel.

What types of finishes do you offer?
The majority of Bolder Panels have a polished finish. Other finishes are available by special order. Most stones are available in polished, honed, sandblasted, diamond sawn, grooved and hammered finishes. Please request a quote if you are interested in a different finish.

Panel Construction

Will the panels delaminate from the backing?
No, the adhesives used are the same ones used in the aerospace industry, and are proven to not delaminate.

Are the panels waterproof?
The panels themselves are waterproof, but if panels are being installed in a shower, we recommend using a waterproofing system such as Wedi.

What sizes are available?
Bolder Panels can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, the size of the stone slab will dictate the maximum size of the panel. We usually stock 4×8 and 5×8 feet slabs. View information about each specific product on our products page.

What is the average weight per square foot for Bolder Panels stone panels?
Each panel weighs approximately 3.5lbs per square foot.

How strong are the panels?
Due to the man-made backing of Bolder Panels, the panels are stronger than regular 3cm slabs and only 1/8 the weight.

What is the thickness of Bolder Panels?
The Aluminum Polymer and Translucent panels are usually 8mm. Half of the thickness is stone, and the other half is backing.

Panel Installation

How do you keep the panels on the walls?
Our installers are trained to use manufacturer approved glues that guarantee that the product stays on the walls.

Will the product fall off?
No, unless and install was done improperly. Please talk to one of our certified distributors or dealers for all of your installation questions.

Can Bolder Panels be used on the floor?
No. Bolder Panels are not suited for floor application. Complementary or matching floor tiles are available for each type of stone that can be installed in conjunction with Bolder Panels.

Can Bolder Panels be installed on a fireplace?
The answer depends on your fireplace. Consult your fireplace manual to discover clearance requirements. If the fireplace has zero clearance requirements, the panel can be installed directly up against the fireplace. Installing a panel without regard to the fireplace’s clearance specifications can be a fire hazard and cause damage to the panels.