Ancient Woodgrain Bolder Stone Panel
Ancient Woodgrain Bolder Stone Panel installed in a showerXilo and Ancient Woodgrain Bolder Panel installed on a fireplace

Ancient Woodgrain Panel 4×8 feet

Ancient Woodgrain is your typical marble…inverted. Rich, luxurious black is draped with with dramatic white veining and the occasional fleck of gold or rust. Where you would expect white, you see black; however, the luxury and beauty of this marble isn’t lost. In fact, that feeling of luxury it is stronger than ever in this marble’s rich, black backdrop.

These thin stone slabs make an already gorgeous marble even more desirable. A full 32 square feet of uninterrupted, groutless marble exists in each 4×8 slab. Being only 1/4 inch thick, this slab is lighter per square foot than regular tile or marble slab, thus enabling you to place slabs of stone on vertical surfaces at an affordable price.

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Dimensions 48 × 96 in

Ancient Woodgrain







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